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Episode 04: How to Be the Father You’re Capable of Being with Beejel Parmar


Time-challenged overwhelmed professionals and entrepreneurs look to Beejel Parmar’s bee-inspired priority planning accountability program and virtual assistant services to boost efficiency, productivity and profits. Beejel believes entrepreneurs can learn a lot about business management and hgh performance from bees, his chosen spirit animal!

His deep depth of experience comes from over a decade of experience growing a business from 100-500 virtual assistants, conducting over 3000 one-on-one consulting sessions, speaking and training entrepreneurs all over the world.

Audiences globally have been entertained by his costumed presentations and inspired by the story of how Beejel and his family had to leave the US in 2010, and how they embarked on a 5-year travel-work global schooling adventure.

Free Gift: simple smart 2-page focus, process and project planner and outsourcing process guide:

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  • Relationships & Spirituality
  • Screw your purpose
  • David Deida
  • We’ve grown up without an initiation
  • Where does my purpose come from
  • The lens of deficiency
  • Find your own unique value
  • Life uses us
  • When you lose your power
  • The people with the most insecurities are paraded around in front of us
  • “Life is making me happen!”
  • The devastating difficulty
  • What is true abundance
  • I’m about life, rather than life being about me
  • Prosperity you can’t earn
  • Conditioned into isolation
  • Mankind project
  • Choose to apprentice ourselves

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