Episode 08: How to Become a Local Celebrity with Jake Gallen


Born and raised Las Vegas local who is currently building the #1 talk show in Las Vegas. Outside of podcasting Jake has been an active cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast since 2017. His previous ventures include NextGen Pickers Antique & Collectable Store, Chameleon Verify App, Forex Trading, and building networking groups.

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  • Failure – Non-achievement of what you desire
  • Rejection
  • The Strangest secret
  • Pace fo Progress
  • Compound Effect
  • ACT – A Certain Time Period
  • Building a biz vs. a job
  • Bee-hive & Humanity
  • What are you doing with your success?
  • Seed of power
  • The channel of life force
  • CATCH acronym
  • Prosperity – Experience & Family
  • Beejel interviewed his dad
  • Progressive Priority Planning
  • Grew up in LV
  • Substance abuse
  • Launched the Guest LIst Podcast in 2020
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Forming leadership qualities
  • Entrepreneurs – Value driven vs. monetary driven
  • Navil Ravikant 
  • What you choose to do with your day
  • Joe Rogan – Credibility
  • Siloh Moses – Real Estate & Serving Hope LV
  • Raves & Music Festivals
  • Shoe Dog – Phil Knight

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