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Episode 13: Activate the Superhero King Within with George Mason Lantay


George Mason Lantay is a transformational entrepreneur, coach, and artist. He served as CEO in 4 successful company launches, was featured in Mindvalley for his work bridging transformation with business, and has coached bestselling authors and award winning coaches in his 10 years of professional experience in the personal growth space. His clients praise George for bringing their business to the next level through his powerful embodiment practices and strategic insights.

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  • Depression
  • Martial arts
  • King & Royalty
  • Transmissions
  • Wealth codes
  • The largest month ever
  • What is the world you want to create?
  • Money, helping people and positive impact
  • Kings & kingdoms
  • The power of a candy bar and how it can 
  • King codes
  • Yin  & yang
  • Intention – power – bliss
  • Prosperity – value your worth
  • Unified
  • Access
  • Strategy & emotion

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