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In the next 90 days... Clients banging down your door, begging for you to take their credit card without spending $10,000’s on broken ads or needing 1,000’s on your email list

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Develop a game-plan to achieve your $20K in 90 days ($97 value)

  • Master your key metrics to innerstand the vitals and pulse of your business ($47 value)

  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you from embodying your power and purpose, and your ability to grow your prosperity and impact your audience/customers as quickly as you would like to. ($497 value)

  • Transform your relationship with yourself, ultimately becoming a man you can count on and one you’re proud of ($497 value)

  • Accomplish more in such a short period of time, than perhaps you ever have in your entire life?! ($997 value)

  • Grow your network with REAL purpose and prosperity driven men to collaborate with, deepen your bonds and challenge each other to reach greater levels of success, fulfillment, and leaving a legacy you’re proud of ($1,497)

  • Included coaching from Christopher Burns to Master the Man Within ($3,000+)


This is $6,632+ value, but it’s FREE for you… Because I was one in your place, I know who YOU are and I am here to remind you of the KING you are meant to be!

How to Succeed in this 90 Day Challenge

  • Weekly check ins (or more frequent) with the other members of the challenge
  • A commitment to reach your first $20K month (if you want to participate in the challenge, but use a different target, that’s GREAT too! Request an exception with your challenge facilitator know that you have another financial target
  • Willingness to communicate, be transparent and share whatever KPIs you’re comfortable with in the group (We strongly being willing to share your revenue generated on a daily/weekly basis

Why is Christopher Burns hosting this 90 Day Challenge?

So many men have shame around money, feeling stuck, lost, alone, or even putting up with toxic habits that are crippling their joy and fulfillment in life.

Christopher Burns is here to be an example that it doesn’t matter WHERE you are, what matters is what are you willing to do about it? Are you willing to ask for help? Are you willing to boldly and courageously face your dragon in the face and attack it head on? Stop letting what others think of you stop you from shining your light and bringing your gifts and genius to the world.

Christopher also LOVES to challenge himself and experience the adrenaline, joy and exhilaration rush that comes from being in the spotlight and leading by example.

The Epic Wager

Christopher is so confident in his ability to achieve this 20K months goal himself that he is willing to pay $1,400 to the man who participates in the challenge and remains accountable. 

(Disclaimer – Christopher Burns can choose to give the $1,400 to any participant for any reason, including no reason at all. He mostly likely will select the participant at random, but it may be decided on merit based on things like who grew the most or who was a team player, etc.)

As a participant who achieves your goal of $20k revenue received in a 30 day period before June 30th, you’ll be entered into a drawing to earn the $1,400.

But wait, it gets better…

You know your reward could be when we achieves our $20k month together, but what if by some travesty, Christopher doesn’t hit this goal?

As some FUEL for his fire, Christopher will be required to donate $1,400 to his Anti-Charity, (which will be the vaccine company, Pfizer)

That’s why YOU have a stake in the game for your and Christopher to hit your goal of $20K months, because freedom doesn’t support corruption, collusion, and the blatant disempowerment of the citizens of our world!

Don't just take our word for it, hear what satisfied clients and customers are sharing

Testimonials & Praise

We’ve gone through several breakthroughs already. As a matter of fact, this last week he took me through some powerful processes as far as changing my mind state and building myself from the inside out, so I could inspire others to hire me and become a better person. To share my value and become more valuable in the market. If you’re looking for success training, top-notch level, definitely check out Christopher Burns!
Christopher Burns Testimonial
I’ve been in Christopher's mastermind for the last few weeks now and I’m getting a tremendous amount of value from it. If it’s of interest to you, I highly recommend checking it out for yourself. He’s a fantastic facilitator and he’s full of energy, enthusiasm and he really inspired me to get focused on my goals and make a plan of action and take responsibility for how I use my language and how I’m applying myself. Christopher thank you again for all you're doing!
Christopher Burns Testimonial
Chase Mirkovitz

Christopher Burns dedicates his life to coaching men to activate their purpose, power, and prosperity. He has been coaching men, entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals for almost a decade and works with clients 1-on-1, in group coaching, home study courses and hosts live events, retreats and masterminds. Christopher’s company coaches and teaches men through the “Mastered Man Curriculum” where men create their Purpose Manifesto, start to master the skill of Channeling Power, download and receive their Prosperity Codes, and implement the Transcendence Blueprint so they can leave their greatest legacy.

He has interviewed 800 leaders, influencers, and experts sharing powerful growth strategies, mindsets, and teachers to empower his audience to find the bigger answers to life, resulting in over 500,000 views and podcast downloads. Today, Christopher is the host of the Mastering The Man Within Podcast™ and the founder of the Men Mastermind™, a brotherhood dedicated to empowering men to become the ultimate creators of their reality, designing and living a life of success and fulfillment in every area of life that matters most to them! As Christopher says, “It’s time to LEVEL UP!

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