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ACTIVATED: Discover Your True Potential As A Man

Mens Coaching

Are you hungry to discover your true potential as a man? This is the “LVL 1” or starter course for the ACTIVATED series for men who are newer to personal development, growth, and looking to lay the foundation and fundamentals in place so they can start truly shifting their life in the direction of their choosing.

Get access to high level training and transformation on the following topics:

💯 Discover what’s most important to you
💯 Start to identify your purpose
💯 Develop your relationship with commitment
💯 Define what it means to be a man
💯 Overcome limiting beliefs that keep you stuck

💯 Activate your goal setting process
💯 Activate your power with integrity
💯 Learn how to hold yourself accountable
💯 Break through resistance and hesitation
💯 Start to integrate mind, body and spirit
💯 Create your consistent daily routine & habits
💯 And much more…!

About Your Coach

Christopher Burns coaches men to activate their purpose, power and prosperity so they can master themselves and go within to manifest their dream reality outside. He has been coaching men, entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals to success for almost a decade and has worked with hundreds of clients through 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, masterminds, and home study courses.

For 3 years, Christopher successfully hosted 138 12-hour livestreams on Facebook, interviewing 800 leaders, influencers, and experts relentlessly seeking and helping others to find the bigger answers to life resulting in hundreds-of-thousands of views and podcast downloads. He has traveled the U.S. speaking in front of crowds of hundreds of people, is a keynote speaker, facilitates workshops for corporations, and also hosts his own transformational international retreats.

Christopher did what he thought he was “supposed to do” as an entrepreneur to create time and money freedom – sell, get clients, market himself, build a great brand, loyal following, and become a famous household name. But after years of feeling like he was disconnected from his purpose, living someone else’s version of success, in April 2020 he exited his company, wiped the slate clean, and started over. This time, he was aligned and intentional from the beginning about what he would create, the community he would build, digging into his true passion, purpose, and love of being around epic human beings, living at the edge of their potential, consciousness and genius.

Christopher is coaching men to turn their dreams into reality, and empowering leaders and fathers for our next generation, so that we leave earth much, much better than when we found it. This is his life’s true work!

From the time he was young, Christopher loved being the best version of his videogame characters that played as, and that desire to grow translated into real-life growth later in life. He also fell into the trap of worldly addictions, including partying, weed, alcohol, pornography, trying to accumulate as much as he could, and the rat race of success without fulfillment. Christopher got sick of this programming and feeling like he was trapped in the system when he turned 21, almost a decade ago, and said he would never “fit into” the corporate America model.

He serves men because there are many women’s coaches out there and there’s a fraction of that support available for men. Men are statistically more likely to isolate, keep their emotions pent up, and ultimately explode in violent ways, through abuse with toxic substances or habits, or in very severe situations, commit suicide. From the time we were children, we were told that to be “worthy” and “valuable” as men, we’re supposed to be tough, not show any emotions, be strong and muscular, have a fancy car, clothes, and house, supposed to have it all together and have all the answers. We’re programmed to believe that our answers and glory awaits us in war nice “things”, sleeping with women & having a fast and furious life. Christopher is here to say you can have all those things AND what’s more important is that you are true to yourself.

One Time Payment


Get the complete course and lessons to discover your true potential!

Course + Implementation Booster Pack


Includes LVL 1 course + 1 hour breakthrough coaching session and two weeks of voxer voice messaging support with Christopher Burns