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Episode 01: Stand and Fight as a Man with Rob Eastman!

Rob is a highly-sought after speaker and his message really resonates with everyone from youth to parents to high-profile corporate leaders.

Whether speaking to a small group of ten or a crowd of thousands, Rob’s personal story of bullying, mental health, religion, suicide, and addiction is incredibly moving and powerful.

Rob’s message of overcoming extreme adversity and the high price paid to learn life’s lessons, motivates people to successfully change by discovering who they truly are, overcome fears, and making healthy life choices.

With a special set of skills forged in the crucible of real-world personal experience with mental health and addiction, Rob can help you develop the mindset and strategies to dig yourself out of any situation or take your life to the next level.

Unfortunately, it seems to be socially taboo to talk about life’s problems and struggles, so we are each forced to deal with them on our own. Many people resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms as they struggle through life’s challenges. In the Stand and Fight podcast, Rob discusses these difficult topics with industry leaders and everyday people as they share the lessons they have learned. Join us by listening to these episodes and discover that we all have our own demons to fight and that these topics don’t have to be taboo.
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